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Return Policy

Any headset purchased from Able Zebra Communications, LLC that fails within 30 days of purchase is an out of box failure and will be replaced by the manufacturer at no charge. Proof of purchase is required.

All corded headsets are sold with a 2 year warranty. All wireless headsets are sold with a 1 year warranty. Should any headset purchased from Able Zebra Communications, LLC fail within their warranty period it/they will be replaced by Able Zebra Communications at no charge to the customer.

Customer abuse is not covered under warranty. Customer abuse is anything that happens to the product outside of the realm of normal use. Subemersion under water, cutting the cable, crushing any part of the headset such as the microphone casing and clogging the microphone with foreign material (food) are examples of user abuse.

Should the headset develope static due to normal use within the warranty period, as long as it is not from one of the above, it will be replaced under warranty at no charge to the customer. Call us at 301-538-2534 should you have any questions about our warranty.

Even if you purchased you GN, Sennheiser, VXI, Plantronics or Starkey from another vendor we may be able to help you get it repaired. We do charge a nominal fee for handling replacement of products purchased from other vendors.  Examples of charges would be for shipping, personal pickup (hourly rate), analysis of broken units and tracking of repairs.