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HW520 Binaural NC Headset

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MSRP: $120.00
Price: 96.95
You will receive this product within 5 working days unless other arrangements ar
Item Number: HW520
Manufacturer: Plantronics, Inc.
HW520 allows the dispatcher to have heightened focus on the call because the receive is in both ears.

Most 911 centers frown on using a double ear model because they think the dispatcher loses his/her ability to hear what is going on around them.

This simply doesn't happen.  Call takers can still hear everything going on, it is not as abtrusive, however.

Binaural technology has a big benefit over single (monaural) models.  Less repetition ocurrs because the dispatcher can hear better.

This also can shorten the call and thereby save valuable time during an emergency.  We will send you an evaluation unit so you can experience the improvement in audio performance.