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My name is Mike Leishear and I’ve been in sales all of my life.

One thing has stuck with me over the years.  When it comes to working with customers; treat them as I would want to be treated.

It is also 10 times harder to replace customers than it is to keep them.  Simply do what is right by your customers and you minimize the chances of losing them.

When I buy something and have a problem with it, the last thing I want is to go through a bunch of crap when I have a problem.

Exemplary service breeds customer loyalty which is my goal. 

Able Zebra Communications was started as a result of me being laid off from Plantronics after 23 of service.  During that time, I worked with thousands of customers, ranging from very small to the largest of 911 Call Centers.

I have worked with both NENA and APCO members for the last 35 years.  I am good at solving any problem when it comes to your headsets.  I take the issue to the manufacturer to solve your problem if necessary.  

Ask yourselves a few questions;

1) When there is a problem, is your supplier responsive
2) If so, do they solve the problem without any hassle?
3) Is their first response to a problem, selling you a new headset?
4) Do they ask if your headset is under warranty?

5) Do you know about product date codes and length of warranty?
6) What kind of technical knowledge do they have concerning how headsets and amplifiers work in the Public Safety environment?

If your purchasing criteria is to buy the lowest price headset, Able Zebra Communications is not for you.  Our prices are fair, not the cheapest.

We specialize in saving our customers real money where it counts; by taking care of the questions above. 

We save you money over the life of your headsets by decreasing the cost of ownership.  

We also provide the customer the opportunity to evaluate any product before buying it.

Call me anytime at 301-538-2534 or email me at  I will handle your problems and orders personaly.